1.     General provisions

 1.1. These purchase-selling rules (hereinafter - „the Rules") determine mutual rights, obligations and responsibilities between the Buyer and the e-shop www.bitute.biz (hereinafter - "the Seller"), buying goods in online shop.

1.2. The Seller reserves the right at any time to modify, edit or add the rules, having regard to the statutory requirements.

 1.3. The right to buy at the e-shop has:

1.3.1. Capable persons, i.e. persons of full age, whose capability is not limited to a court order;

1.3.2. Minors between 14 and 18 years age only by having their parent’s agreement, except when they dispose of their own income;

1.3.3. Legal entities.

1.3.4. Authorized representatives of all of the above mentioned persons.

1.4. The Seller, confirming the Rules, as well guarantees that, in accordance with the rule 1.3., the Buyer has the right to buy goods in e-shop.

1.5. The contract between the Buyer and the Seller shall be considered concluded from the moment when the Buyer at the e-shop forms a purchase bag, specifies delivery address, selects the payment method and clicks the button "Pay now".

 1.6. The Seller is exempt from any responsibility in cases where the loss arises from the fact that the Buyer is not familiar with the rules of e-shop, advices or information, although such possibility was formed.

2. The Buyer's rights and obligations

2.1. The Buyer has the right to buy at the e-shop in accordance with these Rules.

2.2. The Buyer must give correct information and contact phone number.

2.3. If the Buyer changes given information, the Buyer must immediately update it.

2.4. The Buyer, after confirming the order, must await for an order confirmation from the Seller.The payment must be done only after approval of the Seller that all goods are in stock. Confirmation to the Buyer is sent by e-mail or personally notified by telephone.

2.5. The Buyer has the right to refuse to purchase, informing the Seller about it by the e-mail.

2.6. The Buyer using the e-shop undertakes to follow these Rules.

3. The Seller's rights and obligations

3.1. The Seller agrees to sell goods to legal entities and individuals.

3.2. The Seller undertakes to deliver the goods to the address provided by the Buyer (see Point 4).

3.3. The Seller is committed to protect the personal data of the Buyer according to the Republic of Lithuania laws.

3.4. The Seller, after receiving the order, undertakes during 1-3 days send the invoice to the Buyer’s e-mail.

3.5. If the Seller does not have the goods that the Buyer ordered, the Seller undertakes to inform the Buyer about it within 1-3 days after receiving the order.

3.6. If the Buyer within 3 working days after receiving the invoice do not pay up - the order is canceled.

3.7. The Seller reserves the right to unilaterally change the conditions of these Rules.

4. Delivery

4.1. Ordered goods are delivered to the address provided by the Buyer if the Buyer pays the shipping costs.

4.2. The goods are prepared and shipped within 1-3 working days after the invoice is payed. 

5. Returning the goods

5.1. Return is carried out in accordance with the 29th of June, 2001 Lithuanian Minister of Economy No. 217 order "The confirmation of the return and exchange rules”.

5.2. High quality goods are not returned and exchanged.

 5.3. If you have purchased defective goods, you can return them within 14 calendar days from the date of delivery.

5.4. The Seller is obliged to return the money paid for the defective goods or to replace them with the same quality product or to the corresponding value of that good.

5.5. The money is refund by transferring them to the Buyer's personal account. Non-refundable money for those items that were not purchased at Bitute.biz or which intentionally or negligently have been damaged (affected by chemicals, open fire, high temperature, sharp objects, etc.), or goods used inappropriately or not as intended. The refund amount is not including shipping fees, refunded isonlythe valueof goods.

6. Privacy policy

6.1. The personal information is asked to be provided only when purchasing goods in this online store.

 6.2. By accepting that the Buyer's personal data is processed for purpose of selling the goods and services at the e-shop, the Buyer also agrees to receive e-mail notifications necessary to fulfill the order. E-mails are sent immediately after order confirmation, about the changes of the status of the order (confirmation and information about the shipment, thanks for purchase after receiving the order). 

6.3. This e-shop undertakes not to disclose the Buyer's personal data to the third parties, except when the information is necessary for a partner providing delivery or other services for the ordered goods. In all other cases, the Buyer's personal data to the third parties may be disclosed only to the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania.

6.4. In 2017, 22 February State Data Protection Inspectorate gave the Person data controller status for the e-shop manager, no. P7591.

7. Final Provisions

7.1. These purchase-selling Rules are created in accordance with the Republic of Lithuania laws and regulations.

7.2. Any controversy regarding these Rules to be resolved through negotiation. Failing agreement, the issues shall be solved according to the Republic of Lithuania laws.

On a different computer and phone display settings, the actual color of the goods may slightly differ from the real color of the goods. 


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